Dirty Data Done Dirt Cheap

If you're havin' trouble with your boss..

He's givin' you the blues..

You got data that you need to process..

Here's what you gotta do..

Pick up the phone, I'm always home

Call me anytime

Just ring: six-one-zero,seven-six-three,three-five-six-six, hey

I help you make him s m i l e :-) ..

Dirty data .. done dirt cheap..

Dirty data .. done dirt cheap..

Whatever your tedious data needs, I am confident I can streamline your data processing. Tired of copy / paste and click click click! I'm just a few clicks away from taking all that tiresome effort away so you can focus on the work that really means something.

I enjoy creating helpful data processing solutions
Got data in one MS document (Word, Excel, Powerpoint,...) and need it transferred to another .. I can help. Has that Excel spreadsheet gotten so big that you can't manage it any longer .. I can help. Wish you could take that data emailed to you and have it automatically transferred and formatted into the report you need.. I can help. If statistical analysis of your data is driving you CRAZY - I can help make sense of it.

And here is the really great part. It won't cost much to solve your problem because it is very likely I have already done something like what you need before. I keep documentation on each chunk of code I create, so that I can quickly utilize it for another project in the future. Big projects are often just a combination of smaller solutions. I also have this thing about finding the optimal solution - so the code is always optimized and very flexible.

Browse this site to see some of the more interesting examples of the solutions I have come up for processing data.   Then when you are ready, contact me and let me know what your needs are.